HANSTAR electric wire solutions for automation, electronics, smart home, lighting, cars, solar & storage

Machine and Automation

The growing use of industrial automation equipment and robots, from automobiles and aircraft to pharmaceuticals to logistics and metalworking, enables industrial robots to perform more complex tasks. Stellar Conduction's solutions connect and protect power and data flows to meet a variety of challenges. Our fluorine plastic wire (commonly known as Teflon wire) /PVC heat-resistant wire and silicone heat-resistant wire products and harness are suitable for connectors, sensors, EMI filters, passive and relays in industrial robot applications. We provide customized solutions for the processing of heat-resistant insulated cable harness for industrial equipment customers.




In view of the ever-changing electronic product market, Hanstar provides lighter weight and more reliable solutions. We have developed and produced PVC electronic wires with leading technology and our own wiring harness processing factory. Widely used in IT hardware, communication equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, electrical accessories and other fields. Including battery connection wire, PCB board connection scheme, photovoltaic inverter, etc., distributed in sealing sheath, cable material, insulation layer, insulation rod and other parts, rich product line can provide you with one-stop service.



Intelligent Household Appliance

If you are looking for smarter solutions for small appliance design, Stellar Conduction is sure to help you turn your vision into reality. Whether it is the thermostat, switch, timer of white goods, as well as the PCB controller, high-speed motor and sensor of new smart home appliances, we can provide you with safer and more reliable connection solutions and products for smart home. Our fluorine plastic wire (commonly known as Teflon wire), PVC heat-resistant wire and silicone heat-resistant wire products and wiring harness in air conditioners, microwave ovens, electronic disinfection cabinets, rice cookers, electronic hot water bottles, electric heaters, electric ovens and other daily home appliances have more than 30 years of application experience, successfully achieve the import substitution of similar products, to help partners effectively control costs.




The wire and cable for power transmission and conduction of decorative lighting, stage lighting, ultraviolet light of health care, outdoor lighting and lighting accessories itself should have high temperature, high pressure resistance abilities. Temperature resistance of rugular wire (i.e. PVC wire) is limited, fluorine plastic wire (commonly known as Teflon wire) and silicone rubber wire can consistence work over 200℃ high temperature environment and provide protection for a long time, suitable for high temperature AC rated voltage 600V electrical circuit installation connection.




Fluorinated plastic wire (Teflon wire) FEP/PFA/ETFE/PTFE has heat, moisture, wear and corrosion resistance. 
Silicone rubber wire is capable working in low and high temperature environment. The ozone and weather resistance, excellent electrical performance can cope with long time full load operation requirements. Hanstar is a qualified supplier of many well-known automobile manufacturer.


Photovoltaic and Energy Storage

HANSTAR Wire is widely used in the photovoltaic and energy storage industries.
Found in internal voltage acquisition system, temperature sensor, battery power and invertor connection and BMS, etc.
The excellent electrical performance, temperature and wear resistance, corrosion-resistant, oil-repellent, hydrophobic, and have excellent flame retardancy of Hanstar Wire, helps solve the increasing demand for clean energy due to the increasing global energy crisis and environmental issues.